Fun Resume Activity

Something Fun and Different: The Video Resume

Take a playful detour to a traditional step in the job process

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  • It urges us to escape the regular mundane job search routine while still being productive.
  • We can exploit our creativity, personality, and ingenuity that we cannot express on paper or profiles.
  • We can exercise show-don’t-tell with storytelling about ourselves.
  • We can make it into a fun friend-and-family activity.
  • We can make ourselves more visible and memorable to recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn.


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  • Microphone. Lapel or shotgun microphones cost less than $10.
  • Lighting. Try natural lighting and table lamps first to see how they work out before investing in something like a ring light.
  • Background. Backdrop if you cannot find good locations with good scenes.
  • Editing Software. Now, even PowerPoint has video editing capabilities. If not, Garage Band, iMovie, and OpenShot are free options for major editing.

Points to Include

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  • Match the target industry and audience. Know the business culture of our target industries. If the industry normally wears suits-and-ties, make sure the tone of the video reflects that environment. However, if the industry is more…puckish…then suits-and-ties will feel out-of-place.
  • Outline a script or storyboard. Outlining is part of the planning stage. Most of us have probably watched behind-the-scenes footage of films in which we see filmmakers hand-draw storyboards of what each scene should look like on screen and observed actors rehearsing their lines off a script. As a screenwriter, I definite recommend a script. If that is not your style, at least outline the points we want to mention. This include ordering when we want to express certain points. That is a fabulous start. Keep in mind to be flexible though, as what feels right in an outline does not always turn out the way we want on screen and would need to be edited.
  • Show our faces and tell our stories to the camera. If we make a video, do NOT make a slide show video. It is not personable. The reason we create the video is to show the part of us that cannot be projected from paper. Showing our faces and talking to the viewers allow us to connect with them as human beings.
  • Display footage of us actually doing the work. Another purpose of the video is not only to present our personality, but to also demonstrate that we know what we are doing and how we do things. So ask a friend or setup a tripod to take footages or still pictures of us actually doing the work and producing finished masterpieces, creating a portfolio, so to speak.
  • Incorporate information slides. This does not mean we cannot have occasional information slides with just words and graphs. They add variety.
  • Reveal hobbies or interests. Speaking of variety, hobbies and interests can also be mentioned if there is enough time left. These things make us more well-rounded.
  • Be brief. As people know, everyone’s attention span is gradually decreasing, so videos should be from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long.

Screening Time

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Data Analyst. Screenwriter. Project Manager. Now, Resume Coach. A student of life and West Coast Swing. A promoter of self from within.

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