Even with a lack of employment, there is much to be thankful for.

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It goes without saying that 2020 has been a heck of a year.

First, the virus. Then the protests and riots. And of course, the economic collapse. The amount of hardship everyone has gone through is insurmountable.

Yet, we are still here.

That is something to be celebrated.

As we commemorate Thanksgiving this challenging year, let us not forget that despite having our jobs and careers pulled from under us, we can still be grateful for a number of things that encourage us to fight another day for what we want.

Knowledge and Experiences

Resume Tips

The beginning and the end will guide us toward the middle.

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When I was an aspiring screenwriter, one of the big lessons I learned was to know the beginning of the story and the end.


Because for one, the story will just keep going and going and going if the ending is unknown when pages and time are limited.

Two, knowing the starting point and the ending point will actually guide us to create a middle section that will connect them together.

Writing resumes needs to adopt the same approach.

Starting Point


Companies love people who think like a CEO.

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These days, entrepreneurship is on everyone’s mind.

With the pandemic eliminating millions of jobs, entrepreneurship has become more encouraged than ever. Even I encourage it.

That said, since I first proclaimed my opinion, I have received many responses from people, saying they are just not ready for it or they simple choose not to be business owners.

And that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, just because we do not want to start our own businesses does not mean we cannot think like business owners. …


No one is ever really stuck.

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We are eight months into the pandemic and there is no end in sight.

Although unemployment numbers have decreased and some companies are still hiring, more businesses — even entire industries — are downsizing or closing altogether.

Overnight, millions have to go home without the bacon. Dream careers vanish without warning. For the first time in many lives, we have to call the unemployment office.

On top of all that, the kids are stuck at home. Bills pile up. Homes are on the line.

Many are digging into retirement or even the kids’ college funds just to survive, leading most…

Job Search Advice

Ghosting from recruiters is never pleasant, but it can be eliminated to our advantage.

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Nothing reminds me more about the similarities between job-searching and dating than ghosting.

It tests our patience and brings up feelings of anxiety and rejection.

Just as it is considered cowardly in the dating world, it is deemed unprofessional in the working world no matter who does it. Yet, when it is the recruiter who does it, it is the candidate who feels all the doors slamming shut.

It does not have to be this way.

In truth, most recruiters do their best to connect with candidates, but what can they do when they may constantly receive hundreds of resumes…

Job Search Advice

You haven’t done the job yet, but you know you can do it.

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I never stop looking for my next great opportunity.

And during those years, I have come across and applied to countless job descriptions from Fortune 500s to boutique start-ups.

Honestly, the type of company really does not matter on paper. At this initial stage, all I care is whether I find keywords that resonated with me so that I can match my resume with the kind of work I was targeting.

See, we as job applicants do the same thing.

Another factor I determine is whether I can do the job being described.

Of course, I would definitely apply to…


When looking for the next opportunity, the details are just as important as the big pictures.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

I was conducting a free consultation with a prospective client a couple of months ago. He was an extremely artistic graphics designer who initially utilized his talent in the space of visual merchandising and consumer packaged goods.

But his skills did not stop there. As he climbed up the ladder, he became more involved with operations and business development, so much so that he became the chief operations officer who prominently strengthened product brands.

Now available for his next big gig, he was looking to be a consultant for small startup-like businesses that were encountering marketing issues that stemmed from…


5 quotes from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that will do women — and men — some good in our own quest

This week, I had actually prepared a completely different article since I try to stay away from politics, but in light of the passing of a game-changing icon, I thought it would be more appropriate to mourn the loss with five of her famous sayings to inspire us as we search for our own footing in this world.

I admit I have not been a follower of Ruth Bader Ginsburg besides her everlasting battles with pancreatic cancer. Nonetheless, I have since watched a few YouTube videos of her speaking at institutions and learned about the obstacles that she had to…


Knowing the purpose of any task provides the purpose for our lives.

Photo by Andrew Boersma on Unsplash

This is a question we wonder all the time, maybe even all our entire lives.

“What is the purpose of my life?”

Very early on in my career, this question constantly lingered in my mind as I sat on my couch watching the Travel Channel or as I analyzed spreadsheets of satellite flight data in my cubicle.

Although I was diligently making progress in my assignments, I was feeling empty internally because I could not sense or understand the purpose of my contributions to the overall scheme of things. And I am one of those people who needed to know…


Being memorable requires proactively offering value.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

As I sit in my living room on this Saturday before Labor Day 2020, I am scrapping for a topic to write about for this article.

Not only are 7.8 billion people dealing with the pandemic, but millions are also fed up with the political unrest that has mucked up a crucial message.

With that, a lot of us are forced to pivot away from careers we have known, perhaps even all our lives.

On the plus side, companies are hiring. Multiple clients of mine have proven that fact, so we at least have that to motivate us.

Nonetheless, family…

Data Analyst. Screenwriter. Project Manager. Now, Resume Coach. A student of life and West Coast Swing. A promoter of self from within. www.sunbreakresumes.com

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